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Back Massage


Relax, Connect & Reduce Stress

Swedish                   60 min                                      $150

European massage that focus on light pressure from head to toe that you deep-in in to a relaxing state.



Deep Touch               60 min /$180               90min /$220

A massage body treatment that eases tension, aches & pains, calms the nervous system and promote relaxation and renewal.


Lymphatic Drainage    60 min                                     $160

A gentle pressure technique that increases the lymph flow and improves the immune systems function. 

As a result, harmful substances are flushed with the waist fluid.



Prenatal / Postnatal     60 min                                     $160

The massage relives stress in the joints, encourages blood and lymph flow by reducing swelling. Focusing on relieving tension in the mother and balancing her energy knowing that the baby will benefit as well.

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